The Round Table Talk Show 2021

With Sharifah Hardie

Alexandra Pedro

Written by Alexandra Pedro

12 Apr 2021

2-minute read

I started Alexandra Pedro Marketing when I was 22 years old. I knew nothing about business. I did not even know where to look for information about business. I learnt as I went along. I mostly learnt from my mistakes and from researching online for cold how-to guides and courses. I was missing an essential piece of the puzzle. Other business owners!

It is so much easier to learn business when you learn from others in it. It is not only about the compounding effect of always sharing the knowledge with the next generation. It is also about empathy and the ability to understand something better when it is told from the perspective of someone who has already been in your shoes.

That is why I decided to join The Round Table Talk Show with Sharifah Hardie and four other guests on 2021-04-08. To learn from them and share what I know as well. It was an hour filled with inspirational advice and I am so thankful for having shared it with such interesting people.

If you want to hear our conversation, check it out on YouTube:

On a personal level, this was a big occasion as well since it was my first live and unscripted public appearance. There were many flaws and I am glad I am aware of them. But I am also glad for everything I did right, including getting out of my comfort zone and staying true to myself despite the nerves!

Alexandra Pedro

Alexandra is a business owner, marketer and creative based in Ireland. She founded Alexandra Pedro Marketing in 2018. Her purpose is to farther the arts and culture industry through both her services and her free resources.