September 2021: Victor and Nora by Lauren Myracle

With the Bright Reads Book Club

Alexandra Pedro

Written by Alexandra Pedro

06 Sep 2021

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I admit it. I am not even sure what this month's book is about! But isn't that one of the pleasures of reading? Picking up a book in a bookshop just because it looks intriguing and getting to know it slowly, page-by-page, as you read it.

As far as I can tell by its cover, Victor and Nora is a romantic graphic novel set in Gotham (the DC town we usually associate with Batman).

I chose this one for two main reasons: we have not read a graphic novel yet as part of the Bright Reads book club; and it is written by a female author. I am doing my best to cover a wide range of genres and authors in this book club. For me, reading is about entering new worlds and learning from them; the only way I found of doing that is diversifying my reading material.

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I will be reading this one with my partner. He is not such an avid reader; I am hoping that a graphic novel set in a superhero-related universe may keep him engaged. Fingers crossed!

Have a bright read!

Alexandra Pedro

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