October 2021: The Narrow Land by Christine Dwyer Hickey

With the Bright Reads Book Club

Alexandra Pedro

Written by Alexandra Pedro

13 Oct 2021

2-minute read

I am so excited about reading The Narrow Land by Christine Dwyer Hickey this month! Not only is it set in 1950 (period fiction always makes my heart sing), but it also features two artists as characters. What else can one look for in a book?

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I went with the book that my in-person book club is reading once again. I have been struggling with time these past few weeks, trying my best to do everything but ending up short on hours every day. So, I am making the best of my reading hours and reading the same book for two book clubs. It may keep happening for a while!

I look forward to when people start joining this book club. I know it may take a while but I will keep at it until then.

Have a bright read!

Alexandra Pedro

Alexandra is a business owner, marketer and creative based in Ireland. She founded Alexandra Pedro Marketing in 2018. Her purpose is to farther the arts and culture industry through both her services and her free resources.