Bright Reads May 2021: Corpsing by Sophie White

With the Bright Reads Book Club

Alexandra Pedro

Written by Alexandra Pedro

10 May 2021

2-minute read

This month we are reading Corpsing by Sophie White.

Let's spice things up and read an essay collection. I have not yet read a book by Sophie White, and I am very excited about giving their writing a go. For me, Corpsing is the obvious choice to start with; it deals with topics I have struggled with in the past and that I think should be talked about more often. Quoting the book, it is about "the horrors of grief, addiction, mental illness, and the casual and sometimes hilarious cruelty of life."

Another reason why I chose this book is that my in-person book club is reading it. And the author is joining our meeting at the beginning of June! If you have questions you would like me to ask the author, send them my way.

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I anticipate that difficult topics will be discussed this month. No topics are off limits. From my experience, brighter days often only come after groundbreaking ones. Let's open space for conversations about what is upsetting us so that we can then move forward.

Have a bright read!

Alexandra Pedro

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