Lunch & Learn Marketing Strategy Talk 2021

With Republic of Work

Alexandra Pedro

Written by Alexandra Pedro

09 Mar 2021

1-minute read

One of my goals for 2021 is to host a free marketing strategy workshop. It is an ambitious goal for someone who has never been in such a position. So, I decided to start slowly. And sharing the knowledge I have in one-hour increments with the Republic of Work is the perfect solution to test the waters!

Every week, the Republic of Work hosts two sessions as part of their Lunch & Learn series. These cover a variety of interesting topics related to business and marketing. It is always a great opportunity to get a different perspective on the topic since there are always new speakers coming on board. And on 2021-03-30 it will be my turn to share knowledge with the audience.

I will be sharing my five-step marketing process for the first time ever! It will help you take control of your marketing activity by creating a foundation on which to build your presence.

Grab your spot here: Take Control of Your Marketing Activity: Reach Goals with Planned Action

Alexandra Pedro

Alexandra is a business owner, marketer and creative based in Ireland. She founded Alexandra Pedro Marketing in 2018. Her purpose is to farther the arts and culture industry through both her services and her free resources.