Launching Our 5-Step Marketing Process

The simple marketing process Alexandra Pedro Marketing uses to bring arts and culture businesses to the spotlight.

Alexandra Pedro

Written by Alexandra Pedro

13 May 2021

3-minute read

I wanted to be a writer to inspire people through my fictional stories. Until I understood the larger impact I could have with marketing. Arts and culture are my passion, marketing is the tools that I will use to spread them.

I have worked in many industries. I am not self-taught (I learnt a lot of what I know from online resources), but I do not have a high-level marketing degree. It was not easy for people, including me, to trust my marketing and English skills at the beginning. The first job was the hardest to get and, scared of a possible scarcity of clients, I have since accepted most of the opportunities that came my way.

It took me a while to realise I am knowledgeable and experienced enough to work in marketing. Not only that but I am knowledgeable and experienced enough in the arts and culture industry to niche into it. I have what it takes to bring arts and culture to the spotlight.

I was warned about the fact that this move will be difficult financially. I have no doubt about that. Arts and culture is unfortunately something in which people do not invest their money. I know I would be better off financially in other industries, but I know that arts and culture is the industry that will fill my heart with joy day-after-day.

I am not coming into the arts and culture industry with the digital marketing bundles I launch on March 8, 2020. Those served their purpose, but were not extensive enough to make Alexandra Pedro Marketing the one-stop solution our clients need.

After many months of brainstorming, social listening, and process development, I created a five-step journey to take our clients through. My goal with this process is to make working with us more straightforward while ensuring that all the services we provide align the the goals of our clients.

At the beginning of my business, I found myself producing content to the void. I do not want our clients to waste efforts like that. I want us to have everything figured out by the time we get to the ongoing creation and management. I want us to know our goals and to work strategically towards them.

You can learn more about our five-step process on the services page. I will also write articles about it on our resources page soon!

Alexandra Pedro

Alexandra is a business owner, marketer and creative based in Ireland. She founded Alexandra Pedro Marketing in 2018. Her purpose is to farther the arts and culture industry through both her services and her free resources.