What languages do your services come in?

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Most of our services are created by Alexandra Pedro, who is a fluent English speaker (mostly UK but also IE and US) and a native Portuguese speaker (only PT).

What topics can you write about?

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We can write website copy, blog posts and other marketing tools about a wide variety of topics based on our background, knowledge and researching skills.

Some of the areas we have most experience in are business, culture, health, marketing, technology and travel.

How can I be sure you will maintain my voice?

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Maintaining our clients’ voices is always something we have in mind. We take specific steps that allow us to always succeed in this aspect.

Before we start working on your project, we will ask you for a description of your brand’s voice and we will also take a look at existing content by you.

After you receive the first draft, we revise it as many times as necessary (until it is first published) based on your feedback to make sure we get it right.

Can you manage paid ads for us?

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No. Alexandra Pedro Marketing focuses on organic marketing only.

Can you manage my whole social media presence for me?

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Yes! We will tailor our offer to suit your specific needs and it may include creating different types of posts, posting and scheduling the posts, engaging with other content, and replying to messages and reviews.

You will not be completely off-the-hook though. We will need your input when we are planning what we will post, we will need you to send us relevant information and content occasionally, and we will need your approval before posting certain content or replying to certain messages and reviews.

Do you do graphic design?

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Yes. We can create a variety of designs for your marketing strategy, including images for social media, websites and blogs, logo designs, business cards, and slide backgrounds. You can look at our portfolio for some examples!

If you are serious about privacy, why do you offer social media services that include Facebook and the likes?

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We do not want to alienate customers who use Facebook or other platforms that we do not consider ideal in terms of their users’ privacy. We believe a balanced approach can get us further.

While we do not control the amount of information Facebook and other social media platforms collect from their users, we only look at reach and engagement metrics within these platforms since we feel the collection of these does not need to invade anyone’s privacy.

Hopefully in the future we will have more control over what information these platforms collect and therefore be able to limit that information to our bare minimum.


How do we kickstart our collaboration?

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It depends on your specific needs but we have a standard initial process. Take a look at our Next Steps!

How long is your lead time?

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It depends. We can often start work within a couple of weeks. For bigger projects, please contact us with more information about what you are looking for and we will give you a more specific answer.

What kinds of businesses do you work with?

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We work with all kinds of businesses in a variety of industries, including sole traders, small businesses and large corporations.

Is there a minimum project size?

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No. From the 100-word statement to the 12-month multi-channel marketing strategy and management, we are here for your specific needs, no matter how small or big they are.

Do you offer free samples?

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We do not offer free samples but we can agree on a smaller project for you to have a sense of how we work before committing to a bigger one.

Collaboration process

My text is not ready yet but I want you to start editing it. Can you do that?

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No. We insist on you completing all your work on the text before sending it over for us to edit it.

Once we receive a text to edit, we will not accept further changes on your side. You will be asked to give feedback on what we deliver so that we can revise it to suit your needs and voice but we will not allow you to add new components to the text while we are working on it.

Will you highlight the changes you make when proofreading or editing?

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We will highlight changes when proofreading but not when editing. This is because we may sometimes make considerable changes when editing and it is unfeasible for us to document them all in a way that is understood by you.

Our advice is for you to keep a copy of the original text so that you can compare it with our edited version.

What does working with a social media manager look like?

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It depends on who you are working with. With Alexandra Pedro Marketing we will get together regularly to make sure your social media presence aligns with your business goals.

Every December we will get together to create a high-level plan of what we are going to create and publish over the following year.

At the end of every quarter we will also get together to review what we planned before and make changes according to the current environment.

At the beginning of every month you will receive a summary of what we did the previous month as well as a couple of metrics we collect (only reach and engagement of individual posts).

On a day-to-day basis you will need to send us regular information, photographs and videos for us to keep your pages updated with relevant and engaging content! We can help you with this in several ways but that depends on many factors (location, industry, etc.).

For occasional posts (especially at the start and when the topic is slightly controversial), we will ask you to approve the posts before publishing them to make sure you are happy with them.

Depending on the bundle you choose, we may also take care of your social media messages and reviews for you!

Will you need access to my social media accounts?

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If we are managing parts or the totality of your social media presence we will need a certain level of access to it.  What this access looks like will depend on the social media platform and on what we are doing for you.

We will always explain to you to the best of our abilities the access you are giving us and we will never put ourselves in a position where we can lock you out of your social media accounts.

What are your working hours?

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We work from 8:00 to 17:00 on business days in Ireland.

How will we communicate throughout the project?

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We will give you several options for you to choose from. We prefer a combination of video calls and emails but voice calls and text messages are also welcome if you are more comfortable with those.

What do I do if I am not happy with the work you delivered?

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We deliver what we agree upon on our engagement letters. Not receiving what you thought you would will not be a problem with us.

With that in mind, we welcome our customers’ feedback on the work we deliver and we offer unlimited revisions based on your feedback (until it is first published) to make sure we get it perfect.

Pricing, payments, and cancellations

How are your services priced?

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We offer both packages and individual services, both priced based on a hourly rate. Due to the high number of possible combinations, we do not have a public price list and prefer to quote projects individually.

If you are interested in a quote from us, contact us. You may choose to jump on a thirty-minute call with us or let us know what you are looking for by email. Either way, once we have all the information we need, we will quote a tailored solution that suits your needs and budget.

Are your editing services cheaper than your writing services?

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We want to highlight that, depending on the specific piece of writing we are talking about, it may be better either for us to write it from scratch or for us to edit an unpolished version you wrote that has all the information in there. We can help you decide which option is best for your specific project.

Do you offer discounts?

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We offer discounts only for businesses whose main products are open-source software projects that contribute to a more private internet. We do this as a way to give back to a community we have benefited so much from on our journey.

Do I have to pay in advance?

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It depends on the size and the duration of our project. Most times our clients either pay us as we deliver each service or pay us for each month’s package of services before the end of each month.

What payment methods do you accept?

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We accept bank (preferred), Stripe and PayPal transfers.

Plans have changed. Can I cancel a project we already started?

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You can cancel a project we already started but you will still be expected to pay at least part of the amount we agreed upon initially. At our sole discretion, you will either pay the full amount we agreed upon initially or a part of it that is proportional to the amount of work we already put into it.

Legal, security, and privacy

Where can I find your terms and conditions of service?

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We tailor our terms and conditions of service to the specific needs of each of our customers. For that reason, we do not share them publicly.

Please contact us and, after a couple of preliminary questions, we will send you a version that suits your specific needs.

Is the work you do for me going to be exclusive to me?

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Yes. All our services are exclusive to one customer and are not reused on other customers’ projects. We may reuse our templates and information from the research done while providing a service but never exactly what we did for you.

Still in terms of exclusivity, we may work with various customers in the same industry but always striving to provide the best possible work for each of them.

Can you ensure our collaboration remains confidential?

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Yes. One of our first steps when dealing with a customer is deciding if our collaboration is going to be disclosed (and therefore included in Alexandra Pedro Marketing’s portfolio) or confidential.

While we offer the confidentiality of our services, we will still disclose them for accountancy purposes and when it is required by law.

My project requires an NDA. Are you open to that?

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Yes. However, have in mind that we will still disclose the extent of the services provided for accountancy purposes and when it is required by law.

Want to collaborate?

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