Alexandra Pedro Marketing's Collaborations

Lunch & Learn SEO Talk 2021

A one-hour talk about the basics of SEO, from what it is to quick ways to get started.

24 Jul 2021

1-minute read

The Round Table Talk Show 2021

A one-hour conversation between six business owners about what it takes to become a business owner and how to keep the motivation high at the start.

12 Apr 2021

2-minute read

Lunch & Learn Marketing Strategy Talk 2021

A one-hour talk that provides an overview of how businesses can reach their marketing goals.

09 Mar 2021

1-minute read

Guest Resource about Starting a Business

For those who want to start a business to monetise their passion, this resource breaks the whole process down into five main steps.

29 Sep 2020

1-minute read

Guest Resource about Social Media for Hotels

Ever found yourself without any thing to post? Here you will find my best tips to help hotels keep an active social media presence.

24 Sep 2020

1-minute read