Alexandra Pedro

Alexandra Pedro

Alexandra is an entrepreneur, marketer and creative based in Ireland who founded Alexandra Pedro Marketing in 2018. She drives business to her clients through marketing strategy and content.

Posts by Alexandra Pedro

Guest Talk about Marketing Strategy

A one-hour talk that provides an overview of how businesses can reach their marketing goals.

09 Mar 2021

1-minute read

colour palette

Everything You Need to Know about Colour Palettes for Business

Our best practical tips on letting your business colours speak for themselves! Learn how to create and use a colour palette.

05 Nov 2020

11-minute read

pencil writing

How to Format Blog Posts

Format your blog posts to make them easier to read.

14 Oct 2020

10-minute read


Guest Resources

A compilation of the guest resources about digital marketing that Alexandra Pedro Marketing posted on other platforms.

29 Sep 2020

1-minute read

Guest Resource about Starting a Business

A resource with the first steps of starting a business.

29 Sep 2020

1-minute read

Guest Resource about Social Media for Hotels

A resource to help hotels keep an active social media presence.

24 Sep 2020

1-minute read

review highlight on Porto coliseum Hotel's Facebook post

How to Use Business Reviews

Our best practical tips on showcasing your business's reviews in your online presence.

03 Sep 2020

9-minute read

Podcast Interview about Messages and Reviews

A podcast interview about messages and reviews.

31 Aug 2020

1-minute read


How to Generate Content Ideas

Effective content marketing either solves your audience's problems or entertains them. But how do you come up with great content ideas?

27 Aug 2020

10-minute read


How to Create a Content Calendar

Our best practical tips on building and managing your content calendar, as well as our template.

20 Aug 2020

8-minute read

clicking on reply button

How to Reply to Reviews

Our best practical tips on replying to positive, negative and false reviews.

11 Aug 2020

9-minute read

digital marketing bundles

Launching Our Digital Marketing Bundles

On 3 August 2020, we launched our official digital marketing bundles. Simple and effective packages of digital marketing services.

03 Aug 2020

2-minute read

question mark

Digital Marketing Questions

A compilation of digital marketing questions and answers for small business owners. Learn more about marketing strategy, website and social media.

28 Jul 2020

9-minute read

digital marketing hub

Lauching Our Digital Marketing Hub

On 21 June 2020, we launched our email community, which deals with digital marketing and connects businesses that want to improve their online presence!

21 Jun 2020

1-minute read

meath biz hour announcement

Meath Biz Hour 2020

On 25 May 2020, I joined Meath Biz Hour as their highlighted business. I decided to compile the questions and answers from that session in a handy resource.

26 May 2020

1-minute read