About Alexandra Pedro Marketing

Your Digital Marketing Agency

Alexandra Pedro Marketing is your one-stop solution for organic digital marketing.

We create tailored marketing content to facilitate communication between businesses and their clients.

We also provide businesses with free educational resources to help them take control of their online presence.


Our Values


We are creatives at heart that love exciting projects in which they can give wings to their imaginations.

Organic Reach

We focus on organic marketing only and do not manage paid advertisement of any kind.


We only collect data we absolutely need and that does not compromise anyone's privacy.

Our Journey

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Alexandra Pedro Marketing Foundation

It all started back in Portugal with Alexandra writing blog posts on a variety of topics. Since then, many other services have been added to Alexandra Pedro Marketing's portfolio.

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Meath Biz Hour Feature

On 25th of May, 2020, we joined Meath Biz Hour on Twitter as their highlighted business. Alexandra and a bunch of like-minded small business owners got together to discuss digital marketing.



Bundles Release

We had only offered individual services until we officially launched our digital marketing bundles.

Our Team

Alexandra Pedro

Alexandra Pedro

Founder, CEO and Creative

Our Future

Our Essential Intent

To provide a complete set of resources with marketing strategies and tactics and a complete set of marketing services, supported by dozens of success stories of businesses, to enable small businesses to achieve marketing goals through organic tactics that do not compromise anyone’s privacy.

Our Goals

Here are some of the key goals we working towards:

  1. Find and implement software solutions that meet all our needs without compromising on security and privacy.

  2. Start publishing free educational resources on our website every month.

  3. Start donating to open-source software that we use and is secure and privacy-focused every month.

  4. Reach 100 digital marketing hub subscribers.

  5. Start purchasing services from one freelance social media manager to take on part of the social media management projects. (If you are interested in this opportunity, contact us.)

Our Partners

We have partners in both Ireland and Portugal that complement our services, including web designers, social media trainers and photographers.